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Zilversmid Carsten From Anderson

 Being inspired to create something always starts with looking. I suppose I have always looked, taking in everyday objects in our house and garden, my father’s and mother’s handiwork in their active home with 6 children. My father, unsurpassed with his tools and imaginative solutions; my mother cherished her traditional heirlooms, and both had an eye for contemporary artefacts. There were silversmiths in her family, so with youthful confidence I became an apprentice with “Hejl” of Fredericia. Contented, learnt the trade in all its corners. Took the big leap to the History of Art atCopenhagenUniversity. Had a primitive workshop at home, had odd jobs for years; augmented my skills and education at The Goldsmiths’ Academy.

Share!..with others the joy of shaping things. I got youngsters going creating impressive brass gear for a production of “Aladdin”, taught silversmithing to evening classes, demonstrated silversmithing at the David Collection – and then another big leap: started my own workshop school within the Danish Long-Life-Education scheme. Happy days!

Felt the urge to have my own say in the chorus of contemporary silversmithing blooming inDenmark, having found my own feet, enjoying life!  

And shapes are lining up, waiting to be born!

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2 vases, Stone

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